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Join us this Summer for our Summer Climbing Club, a 1 week programme of social climbing, climbing games, and instruction!

Each session will include fitting the climber’s harness, warmup activities, and instruction in their climbing. Throughout the week we will be working on key climbing skills including footwork and climbing technique to help improve their ability. The sessions will be tailored to suit, so that all children can learn as much as they’d like whilst still getting to enjoy the fun climbing can be.

Skill Certificates are provided for all climbers at the end of the programme.

All clubs are booked in advance in a block of sessions. The cost for the programme is £50 per climber for all 5 sessions including the harness hire – additional shoe hire is optional for £1.50.


Week 1: Monday 29th of July – Friday 2nd of August Everyday at 11am-12pm

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Week 2: Monday 12th of August – Friday 16th of August Everyday at 11am-12pm

Week 3: Monday 26th of August – Friday 30th of August Everyday 11am-12pm