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Seal’s Cove Rules of Play

  • Children must always be supervised by a responsible adult.
  • We have members of staff in the soft play who have access to first aid facilities. However, staff are not provided to supervise children.
  • Accidents should be reported to staff who can provide first aid supplies.
  • Children who are unwell or have had diarrhoea or vomiting in the last 48 hours should not play.
  • Max height for soft play is 55m and age max 12, restrictions are in force for the safety of all children.
  • Children must remove their shoes before playing on the soft play.
  • For hygiene reasons, children must wear Socks can be purchased from Reception.
  • We recommend arms and legs are covered to avoid friction burns – no cropped tops or tiny shorts on the slide. Leggings can be purchased from Reception.
  • Avoid wearing Nylon if you are going to go down the slide as this may increase the likelihood of friction burns.
  • No jewellery, money or sharp objects.
  • No food, drink, sweets or chewing gum inside the soft play.
  • No Vapes are to be taken into the Reception.
  • Only food and drink purchased at Seal’s Cove may be consumed on site.
  • No food or drink purchased from outside of Seal’s Cove can be brought onto the site.
  • Birthday cakes purchased outside of Seal’s Cove can only be brought onto and consumed on the premises as part of our party package.
  • Visitors will not be re-admitted to Seal’s Cove once they have left or have been asked to leave the centre.
  • We operate a strict no smoking or vaping policy within the premises.
  • Cancellations: If you wish to cancel a booking, we need a minimum of 7 days’ notice for a refund to be given. Anything 0-6 days before the booking we wouldn’t be able to process a refund. Please refer to our Cancellation Policy on our website for more information.
  • Seal’s Cove accepts no liability for loss or theft of personal property.
  • Seal’s Cove reserves the right to refuse entry.
  • Seal’s Cove reserves the right to amend the rules of play at any time without notice.

Please show common courtesy to fellow guests and our staff by not using profanities or engaging in unsafe, disruptive or offensive behaviour. Seal’s Cove reserves the right to remove anyone and ask anyone, child or adult, to leave if their behaviour is likely to threaten the safety or enjoyment of others.

The Big Wave Dropslide:

  • No bare skin, no tights, avoid nylon, no crop tops or tiny shorts.
  • Do not play at the bottom of the slide.
  • Listen to the member of staff at the top of the slide.
  • Do not try to climb up the slide.

Age Restrictions:

  • Our toddler area is strictly for children aged 3 years old and under.
  • Children under 3 may use the entire play area but should be closely supervised by a parent/guardian to ensure their capabilities and safety.
  • We recommend a minimum age of 5 years old for our Big Wave Drop Slide. Younger children may take part at the specific permission of their parent/guardian.

Parties Terms & Conditions:

These terms and conditions are there to help explain what will happen when you have a party at Seal’s Cove and for you to understand our cancellation and deferral policy, our obligations to you and what is required as a party organiser. Please familiarise yourself and ask us if you have any queries.

  • Party parents/guardians must read our Admission Policy and rules of play and ensure all adults in the group are aware of and adhere to the rules while they and their child/children are on the premises.
  • Party slots are limited and are booked on a first come, first served basis. All parties must be fully paid for at the time of booking through the booking section on our website. If any additional children are added after the original booking, a payment request will be sent and must be paid in full at the time of the changes.
  • You will receive an order notification and receipt for the party confirmation. A form will need to be completed at the time of booking. Party Food can be edited as long as we know the order a minimum of 7 days before the date.
  • Digital party invitations can be found at the bottom of the confirmation email under “Additional Information”
  • Bookings must be made at least 7 days in advance of the required party date – this is to allow us time to make sure we have the correct number of staff for the day of the party and we can make sure we can order everything for the party.
  • Parties at Seal’s Cove are held during normal opening hours.
  • You cannot bring your own food to the party, only food purchased from us may be consumed, with the exception of a birthday cake.
  • Any extra children/siblings brought along by another parent, but not classed as party guests, must be paid for separately on admission – subject to availability (or book on our website in advance) and will not be provided with food unless purchased from the café separately.
  • You will be required to leave the activity centre at the end of any regular session and your party session. We reserve the right to charge an additional admission fee in the event that you stay beyond this.
  • If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to assist. It is especially important to highlight any allergies.
  • All changes, dietary needs or specific requirements, should be communicated as soon as possible and certainly a minimum of 7 days before the party.
  • Party bookings can be made for numbers fewer than the stated minimum, but the costs will match that of the stated minimum.
  • You must have adults to a ratio of minimum 1:5 for soft play.
  • Refunds for participants unable to attend will only be given if it has been communicated to us 7 days in advance. Within those 0-6 days before the party, we will be unable to issue any refunds.
  • Number of Party Children need to be confirmed at least 7 days in advance with what food they are having.

Climbing Parties Terms & Conditions:

  • Where relevant, all the above terms and conditions also apply to climbing.
  • All climbers must be 5 years or over.
  • The maximum weight rating for the Trublue auto belays is 150kg/330lb/23st, and minimum is 20kg.
  • Climbers under 18 must have a parental disclaimer form completed.

Postponing your Party:

  • We know, kids get ill, things happen! Contact us as soon as you know that you will not be able to go ahead with your party, we will arrange for your party to be postponed until another date and time to be decided or if you are able to decide on a new date we will move it, subject to availability. We will do our best to find you a suitable date and time to reconvene your party as an alternative to cancellation. If no alternative date can be found revert to our Cancellation Policy.
  • In the extremely unlikely event of Seal’s Cove having to cancel, we will do all we can to arrange the party for another date acceptable to both parties. All monies paid by the customer shall be refunded in full if we cannot find a suitable alternative.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 0-6 days before the party: Full payment is required.
  • 7+ days before the party: refunds can be given for party participants who are unable to attend.
  • If you choose to cancel your party 0-6 days before the date, no refund will be given.

As the party organiser you are responsible for:

  1. Always staying within the facility throughout the party.
  2. Ensuring that we have been made aware of any guests with special dietary requirements or additional needs.
  3. Ensuring that amendments to your booking are communicated to us in line with the terms and conditions listed above.
  4. Ensure all party guests only undertake activities of which they are capable of performing.
  5. Always ensuring all children and adults wear socks in the soft play.
  6. Ensuring that all members of your group are aware of our rules of play and admissions policy.
  7. Remind those with parental responsibility for attending children that they should not allow their child(ren) to come to the party if they are feeling unwell, especially if they have symptoms of Covid-19 within the past 10 days or vomiting or diarrhoea in the past 48 hours.
  8. Additional handwashing prior to eating the party food.
  9. Confirmation of your party booking is based upon your acceptance and adherence to the party terms and conditions.

All guests must read and adhere to our Rules of Play for The Reef Soft Play which can be found at the top.